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Volunteering with Children

Volunteering with Children in Thailand

Sometimes, it can be difficult for volunteers to evaluate their own impact, but in our projects with children, the equations are simple. Success is measured in books read, smiles made, and games played. The stakes are high for the staff that oversee these children, and your ability to share your native tongue, play some games and help with homework is important to these kids and the places where they live. Easily one of the most profound experiences in the mix, volunteering with children in need puts you on the front-lines of one of Thailand’s most pressing concerns.

Friends For Asia additionally requires all volunteers in our projects where volunteers are near children to submit a certified police background check before volunteer service begins.

Naturally, volunteers working with children must possess a fair amount of flexibility and patience. Ideally, volunteers should have some experience in working with children – whether it be baby sitting, or something in a more formal context of working in a day care or pre-school.

By helping with childcare and routine tasks like cleaning up, painting and grounds keeping, volunteers ensure that the full time staff have time to fulfill their duties or even take an overdue day off when appropriate.

Caregiving at a Home for Single Mothers in Crisis

That translates into better quality of life for the children even after you’ve returned home. Offsetting the task load of these overworked care givers frees them up to spend more quality time with the children. Even the shortest two-week project paves the way to healthier relationships between the kids and those who care for them.

Of course, you’ll have your own opportunity to interact with the kids. Making inroads with children who have backgrounds of abuse or abandonment is essential to their emotional development. These children need to know that others value them, and that none of their misfortune reflects on their own value. Simply spending time with children on an individual basis, whether that means playing games or walking the grounds, goes a long way toward mending self image.

Volunteering with Children


Bangkok Orphanage Volunteer

Available in Bangkok

Working with children is one of the most rewarding ways to volunteer in Thailand. It’s obvious from your first day on assignment that these kids are delighted that foreigners take a genuine interest in their lives. Volunteers at the Bangkok orphanage project work Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Volunteers at Children's home

Chiang Mai Orphanage Volunteer

Available in Chiang Mai

Waking up with a fish pond and rice paddies outside your window, mountains in the distance and more than 50 children waiting for your attention – this is what volunteering in Thailand is all about! Volunteers in this project stay on the project site five days a week, enjoying well-earned rest and relaxation over the weekend in Chiang Mai city.

Children’s Home Volunteer

Available in Chiang Mai

A home for underprivileged children in Northern Thailand. As with children’s homes across the world, finding the funds and staff to meet demands can be a challenge. Our volunteers donate their time and energy in everything from helping with homework, playing games, arts and crafts to grounds keeping.