Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Chiang Mai Volunteer & Intern Groups #311, 312, & 313; October, 2023

Presenting our Chiang Mai, Thailand International Volunteer and Intern Groups #311, #312, & 313. These three small groups of volunteers and interns participated in our projects throughout the month of October. Due to the schools in Thailand closing in October for the mid-Thai school year break, we normally see a bit of a lull in the number of participants in our projects.

Chiang Mai Volunteer Group #311

  1. Chaima, France, Medical Internship (5 Weeks)

Chiang Mai Volunteer Group #312

  1. Lea, France, Women’s Empowerment (4 Weeks)
  2. Joshua, Australia, Elephant Camp (4 Weeks)

Chiang Mai Volunteer Group #313

  1. Maxine, New Zealand, Women’s Empowerment (4 Weeks)
  2. Ada, Australia, Women’s Empowerment (4 Weeks)
  3. Emma, Germany, Elephant Camp (4 Weeks)
  4. Megan, Iowa, U.S.A, Elephant Camp (4 Weeks)
  5. Taylor, Australia, Elephant Camp (1 Week)

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