Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Chiang Mai Volunteer Accommodation

Chiang Mai, Thailand Volunteer Accommodation

Our Chiang Mai Friends for Asia volunteer accommodation is the perfect spot to unwind after a day of volunteering. Located in a convenient area in the middle of Chiang Mai city, our two volunteer houses are only minutes apart and accommodate up to 35 people in air-conditioned bedrooms that provide respite from the hot, sunny days of northern Thailand. While volunteering on our project sites provides authentic, one-of-a-kind cultural experiences, it’s still nice to know that you can retreat to our comfortable living room, watch Netflix on our big tv, message with your friends and family.

Our volunteers and interns start their day with toast, cereal, eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, fresh fruit and aromatic Red Cliff Coffee, from the highlands of Northern Thailand. Inexpensive and delicious Thai food restaurants along with a variety of international eateries are only minutes from our volunteer house. We’ve even had volunteers enroll in one of Chiang Mai’s many Thai cooking courses and then show off their skills in our full kitchen.

Our experienced volunteer coordinators are friendly and knowledgeable, and they work out of the Friends for Asia office located a two-minute walk from our volunteer houses.

Coordinators work hard to ensure that your volunteer project runs smoothly. They also assist volunteers with any problems, misunderstandings or challenges they encounter during their project. Multiple travel agents are in the neighborhood, and can set up additional travel arrangements and book other activities such as cooking courses, Thai massage courses, jungle treks, zip-lining and even bungee jumping.

Money matters can be taken care of at two different banks or four ATMs within a five-minute walk of our volunteer homes. You may also take advantage of the nearby 7-11, although we prefer to support the local neighborhood shops. Laundry can be washed in our Thai-style washing machine, and there are multiple laundry services in the neighborhood that wash, dry and iron clothes for a fraction of what this would cost in the West.

Chiang Mai, Thailand Volunteer and Intern Office and Accommodation Map

Low-Cost Teaching Volunteer Accommodation

In our Low-Cost English Teaching Project, volunteers stay at the project site (school). The volunteer accommodation’s creature comforts and amenities vary greatly. For this reason, volunteers that choose this this project need to remain flexible and are ready to “rough it” with clean, safe, but basic types of accommodation.

Elephant Nursery Volunteer Accommodation

Elephant Camp Volunteers spend their Mondays to Fridays in our volunteer accommodation at the camp. On the weekends, Elephant Nursery volunteers return to Chiang Mai where they can share the week’s stories with our staff and their fellow volunteers. This accommodation is rustic and unforgettable.

The Elephant Nursery is off the grid. Power is supplied by solar panels, which is enough to charge a phone or camera, run a light bulb, a briefly run a fan for about an hour. Considering the fact that there is no Internet or televisions at the camp, volunteers usually spend their evenings strolling the grounds of the nursery, helping the cooks prepare dinner and getting a tighter grasp of the local culture.