Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Chiang Mai Volunteer & Intern Group # 310; September, 2023

Presenting Chiang Mai, Thailand Volunteer and Intern Group #310! This group of six volunteers and interns arrived last week. After the weekend orientation, the group started in their programs on Monday. The group consists of two Medical Interns, two Teaching Monks, and two Elephant Camp Volunteers from Israel, Denmark, Spain, and the United States.

It’s a lovely time to be in Chiang Mai. As we are half way through the rainy season, the weather is not too hot, and the grass, rice fields, and vegetation is very green and full of life.

Chiang Mai Volunteer and Intern Group #310

September, 2023

  1. Maria, Israel, Teaching Monks (3 Weeks)
  2. Sofie, Denmark, Elephant Camp (4 Weeks)
  3. Maria, Spain, Elephant Camp (1 Week)
  4. Fiona, U.S.A., Medical Internship (8 Weeks)
  5. Laia, Spain, Medical Internship (4 Weeks)
  6. Marta, Spain, Teaching Monks (2 Weeks)

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