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Chiang Mai, Thailand Volunteer & Intern Group #326; July, 2024

Presenting our early July, 2024 Chiang Mai, Thailand Volunteer and Intern Group. Comprised of 10 people, this group comes from Australia, Canada, France, and the USA, with participants in our Medical Internship, English Education, Women’s Empowerment, Teaching Monks, and Elephant Camp Volunteer Projects!

Chiang Mai Volunteer Group #326

July, 2024

  1. Alexandra, Australia, Medical Internship (1 Week)
  2. Oliver, Australia, Medical Internship (1 Week)
  3. Rosalie, Canada, Medical Internship (2 Weeks)
  4. Lorane, Canada, Medical Internship (2 Weeks)
  5. Caroline, Canada, Medical Internship (2 Weeks)
  6. Marie-Douce, Canada, Medical Internship (2 Weeks)
  7. William, USA, Teaching Monks (2 Weeks) + Elephant Camp (1 Week)
  8. Tina, USA, Teaching Monks (2 Weeks) + Elephant Camp (1 Week)
  9. Janany, France, English Education (4 Weeks)
  10. Hannah, USA, Women’s empowerment (4 Weeks)

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