Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Thailand Volunteer Stories

English Education Volunteer Stories


“Thailand was the last place I’d ever though I’d visit and now it has become a place I will very dearly miss.” – Olivia Veizas – NY, New York, USA

“I developed a fondness for the children of the primary School, whose abundant smiles, love for “Gangnam Style,” and enthusiasm in the classroom cultivated my love for teaching.” – Clarissa Baquiran – NY, New York, USA

Building and Gardening Volunteer Stories

Overall it is a meaningful experience that offers something for everyone, and I would recommend it to anyone considering a volunteer project in Chiang Mai. – Jared Halperin, New York, USA

The people there became my teachers, and caused me to break through my own theories of how life should be lived, and how to define success at the end of the day. – Kelsey Gagnon, Maine, USA

Children’s Home

The kids’ faces and the sound of their laughter will stick with me forever.” – Katie Chapman, Auckland, New Zealand

“There was always a baby or toddler who needed some special attention and the cuddles were a delight. The longer you volunteer there the more responsibility you can take in caring for the children.” – Jo Alcock, Auckland, New Zealand

Elephant Nursery Volunteer Project

“I would recommend this program to any animal lover, or anyone wanting to learn about a new species.” – Dr.Diana Roberts – Colorado, USA

“The elephants are amazing creatures and the happiness, simplicity and acceptance of life from the village people is so overwhelming.” – Lina Quintal – Horsley, Australia

Magazine and MultiMedia Intern Project

There currently are no stories to show for this project.

Teaching English to Novice Buddhist Monks

“I found myself sitting with a monk in one of the classrooms, learning meditation via two other teachers at the school who helped translate his Thai to English.” – Marissa Kent, California, USA

“It is the most fulfilling work I have ever done, and believe I will ever find. The novices, the teachers, and the people of Thailand made this experience the best of my life thus far.” – Dylan Rapoport, New York, USA

Medical Internship

I can still vividly remember seeing my first surgery ever – a hysterectomy. Standing only 2-3 feet away from where the operation was being performed was a dream that I had longed to come true for many years.” – Connor Champion, Louisiana, USA

I have learned so much about medicine, myself, and this part of the world from my experience here with Friends for Asia.” – Hanna King, Alaska, USA

International University for Monks

There are many different volunteer opportunities throughout Northern Thailand and Chiang Mai. But Friends for Asia creates a healthy mix that allows you to create your own individual experience and journey, while still having the support needed to further delve and explore the rich and unique experience of Northern Thailand.” – Martin Brazausky, Illinois, USA