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Chiang Mai Volunteer & Intern Group #320, February, 2024

As the 320th group begins their projects in Chiang Mai during the beautiful February weather, it marks a significant and exciting start to their new experiences here in Thailand!

Hailing from all corners of the globe, this diverse group has come together to contribute their volunteer work and innovative ideas to projects that will impact the local communities and society in Chiang Mai. With a wide range of skills and experiences to offer, this group aims to create positive change within our community!

With the refreshing breeze and warm sunshine, this is the perfect time to embark on new projects, and we are confident that the 320th group will be effective and dedicated in making the world a better place!

We wish everyone an excellent experience and a joyful collaboration as you work on your projects here in Chiang Mai!

Chiang Mai Volunteer and Intern Group #320

  1. Travis, US, English Education/Elephant Camp (5 Weeks)
  2. Deann, Australia, Teaching Monks/Elephant Camp (4 Weeks)
  3. Andrea, Italy, Elephant Camp (1 Week)
  4. Anna, Denmark, Medical Internship (3 Weeks)
  5. Rikke, Denmark, Medical Internship (6 Weeks)
  6. Sara, Denmark, Medical Internship (3 Weeks)
  7. Kristine, Denmark, Medical Internship (6 Weeks)
  8. Lea, Denmark, Medical Internship (3 Weeks)
  9. Kieran, UK, Elephant Camp (4 Weeks)
  10. Kasandra, Denmark, Medical Internship (3 Weeks)
  11. Clara, Denmark, Medical Internship (3 Weeks)
  12. Anais, France, Medical Internship (6 Weeks)
  13. Alix, France, Medical Internship (6 Weeks)
  14. Gwenaelle, France, Medical Internship (6 Weeks)
  15. Samra, France, Medical Internship (6 Weeks)
  16. Helen, UK, Elephant Camp (4 Weeks)
  17. Katie, US, Medical Internship (3 Weeks)
  18. Angelina, Australia, Elephant Camp (2 Weeks)
  19. Agathe, France, Medical Internship (6 Weeks)
  20. Sydney, Teaching Monks, (4 Weeks)
  21. Sophie, Germany, English Education (3 Weeks)

*If interested in volunteering or interning in our projects please contact us via the contact form below for additional info on our program options.

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