Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Channel V – B430 – Volunteer in Thailand

Friends for Asia has several ongoing volunteer projects and internships featured on Australia’s Channel V show B430 (Before 30) – Season 3, Episode 5 (2011) was on Volunteering in Northern Thailand. B430 is about where to go and what to do in different places all over the globe, before one reaches the ripe old age of thirty.

Unfortunately, this episode is not currently available on Channel V or the National Geographic website where it was available since 2011 when it aired. However, Friends for Asia was given rights to publicly post the episode. Below it is available in three for parts (introduction, around Chiang Mai, and volunteering 1 and 2). We also have the entire episode (31 minutes) below as a single video.

B430 – Volunteering in Thailand – Intro

B430 – Volunteering in Thailand – Chiang Mai

B430 – Volunteering in Thailand – Part One

B430 – Volunteering in Thailand – Part Two

B430 – Volunteering in Thailand – Complete Episode (31 minutes)