Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Volunteer in Chiang Mai December Update

Today is Thai Constitution Day, which is a national holiday for all of us in Chiang Mai. Marie-Luise has completed her project today and we will see the arrival of one new Medical Intern on Monday morning. We currently have ten volunteers here with us in Chiang Mai, with many more coming over the next week.

Volunteer Thailand Group #64

Group 64

This is Orientation Group #64. They finished orientation and started their volunteer projects on Monday. I already have a short video of Stephanie and Tia at the Elephant Camp. It was only minutes after their arrival at the camp. To view that video, please click here. Both Stephanie and Tia are enjoying their projects so much, that they asked me upon arrival back into Chiang Mai, if they would be able to extend for another week in the project, after their original project completion date.

Michaela and Sophie are in our Teaching Monks Volunteer Project. They have been placed at different schools. However, the schools are right next to each other. They are both really enjoying their experience and we plan to get some video and picture footage of them at their volunteer sites early next week.

Volunteer Orientation Group #65

We have quite a few volunteers starting their projects in orientation group #65, which will begin arriving in about a week. It turns out that the December holidays is a perfect time to come and volunteer with us in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai in late December

For the last few weeks the weather has been sunny and beautiful, however it’s really cloudy right now and it looks like it is going to rain. There have been different ceremonies related to Thai Father’s Day. Plus, anyone that lives in Chiang Mai, will notice an increase in guidebook wielding tourists standing on street corners with their eyes fixed on large fold-out maps. This is the high season for tourism in Chiang Mai and the city is bustling.

Well good luck with your holiday shopping and shoveling through all that snow.