Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Thai Society and Way of Life Student Group Project

Volunteer Thailand Orientation - City Tour 27

Take your service one step further and engage the local culture by meeting students in Thai schools, enrolling in cultural courses exploring seven centuries’ worth of Chiang Mai history.

The Thai Society and Way of Life project delivers all the benefits of working as a team to tackle service projects, but it includes the added benefits of engaging Thai culture. Students are coached in the art of Muay Thai, learn the secrets of Thai cuisine and meet real students at a local school.

This project builds on A Call to Service with the following features:
• a half-day cooking course
• a half-day Muay Thai clinic
• a chance to meet Thai students at a local school

Volunteer and Intern in Thailand

Community Service Basics

This project includes all of the service opportunities as our Call to Service project. Friends For Asia has partnered with local community service organizations in Chiang Mai, and we’ll help your group get involved with the projects going on at these locations.

What you will actually be doing depends on when you visit along with what the most pressing needs are at that given time. In most cases, we’ll assign you to project sites that work directly with children. You may find end up organizing a soccer match at a home for children with HIV, helping out homework at a small orphanage or painting rooms in a home for single mothers and their children.

These are just example assignments, but you’ll be meeting real and pressing needs no matter how you end up serving. FFA works hard to develop project sites where volunteers can make a difference even if they only come for a short period.

Thai Cooking

Volunteer Thailand Orientation 1

This is where the project takes a new direction. We’ve partnered with a local culinary institute to offer half-day courses in Thai cuisine, so you can take the tastes of Thailand back with you to show off at home. These teachers know the value of hands-on experience, and you’ll learn insider tips on everything from selecting produce to spicing a curry. Of course, when the smoke settles in the kitchen, everyone sits down for a family-style Thai feast.

Muay Thai

The Thai art of kickboxing is one of the kingdom’s most cherished cultural institutions, and students enrolled in this package have the chance to learn the ropes of the Art of Eight Limbs. This martial art form is known around the world thanks to movies and international championships. The Muay Thai clinic is a good counterbalance to the Thai cooking course, as it often appeals to students who are less enthusiastic about the culinary arts.

Meeting Thai Students

Volunteer Thailand English Education - 2

The Director at Friends for Asia has taught in Thailand for more than ten years, and he’s well connected with the Chiang Mai network of schools. To round out our Thai Society and Way of Life service, we’ve worked in a chance to meet real Thai students at a local school.

Courses and cultural orientation are fun and rewarding, but there’s no substitute for meeting and conversing with locals. After spending time at the project sites, where the children on-site come from low-income and potentially troubled backgrounds, it’s good for students to meet peers from an entirely different demographic. It completes the Thailand experience and presents opportunities for future communication.

Thai Society and Way of Life Group Volunteer Project Fees

Volunteer and Intern in Thailand

The project fee in Thai Society and Way of Life is $1050 US Dollars per student.

Project Fee Includes:
Visit and Work at 2-3 different community service sites
Cultural dinner and show
Half day Orientation (including Thai language and Culture sessions)
Half day city tour of Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai Night Bazaar Visit
Half day Thai cooking course
Half day Muay Thai course
Visit to History Museum
Meet students at a local school
Chiang Mai Night Bazaar Visit
All transportation while in Chiang Mai
All meals
24 Hour Emergency Support

Project Fee Does Not Include:
Flights (transportation to/from home and Chiang Mai
Travel Insurance

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