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Magazine Internship – Additional Info

Magazine Internship – Additional Info

In our Magazine Internship, we place interns in northern Thailand’s largest English publication. Their website is massive and covers just about any area of living in Thailand that one would be interested in reading or researching. However, the magazine is probably most known for their monthly magazine, which normally contains articles pertaining to events, restaurants, bars, clubs and areas of interest within Chiang Mai and South East Asia. In the past we have had interns articles published in the magazine, with a byline.

Magazine Staff

The magazine employs roughly 50 people. It has a couple full-time and a few part-time native English speaking writers and editors for the magazine. The majority of the rest of the staff is Thai. Some of the staff speak English better than others. As it would make sense that it’s necessary for front counter staff at the magazine to have excellent English skills, where as some of the graphic designers and website technicians aren’t as fluent.

The direct supervisor of interns will depend upon which department(s) they are placed in. We take requests for department placement, but do request that interns remain flexible and help out, and gain experience, where needed and available.

Like any publication, things can get pretty crazy around deadline time. The focus in this project is not only to gain experience, but also to contribute to the magazine. A brief orientation and tour of the magazine will be given to new interns, along with helping hands with any new area in which an intern finds themselves, however it’s important for interns to be independent and self-motivated.

Intern Lunch and Transportation

Breakfast is provided for all interns every day they stay in our accommodation. A Thai food lunch is provided for interns most days. If an intern decides they would like to spring for pizza or western food on any given day then they will have to cover the cost of that themselves. Dinner is on your own.

Transportation to and from the project site and Friends for Asia volunteer and intern accommodation will cost roughly $3 per day. Local transportation is used on most days, however sometimes the magazine staff will drive an intern back to our accommodation, if working late. Friends for Asia works with a couple different taxi and bus drivers that are familiar with the project site location and our accommodation and office.

Magazine and Multimedia Intern Project Video

If you haven’t already viewed the Magazine Internship Video, please do so below:

Intern Clothes and Appearances

Thais put a lot of emphasis on appearances. The magazine has a relaxed atmosphere, but the employees there do like to dress up from time to time. If spending time just in the office you are free to wear casual clothes, but you may need to dress professionally if going out to meet prospective clients, or doing work for Citylife outside of the office. Besides casual clothes additional appropriate clothes for in this project are:

  • Khaki or dress slacks/pants.
  • Button up shirts with a collar for men
  • Polite, button up blouses for women
  • Knee length, or below, skirts/dresses for women.

Things that are considered inappropriate and could be offensive:

  • Visible tattoos (especially on women). If you have a tattoo, bring something that will cover it.
  • Visible piercings for men anywhere.
  • Visible piercings for women anywhere outside of their ears.
  • Women’s tops that reveal shoulders or part of chest
  • All black clothes (black top complimented with black pants or skirt), especially shirts or blouses. Thais only wear all black if they are going to a funeral or are in mourning.
  • Jeans
  • Shorts/Capris

It’s understandable that interns may enjoy expressing themselves with tattoos and lip/nose and other facial piercings. It is, however, considered highly inappropriate in some professional circles to have such things. Thank you for your flexibility and patience regarding this issue in advance.

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