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Internships in Thailand

Thailand Internships

Thailand is a beautiful and exotic place for the western traveler. The bustling streets and iconic sites of Bangkok, the green, lush rolling mountains and culture of Chiang Mai, along with the beautiful beaches of Phuket and Samui make for an incredible abroad experience. While taking in this travel experience, why not also participate in an eye opening, resume building internship that allows your Thailand experience to not only be a fun and relaxing one, but also one that educates you and leaves you with a clearer and more global understanding of the field in which you are studying or may follow as an occupation in the future.

Thailand Internship Projects

Friends for Asia currently offers two resume building internships.

Thailand Medical Internship – Bangkok and Chiang Mai

Medical Internship

Shadow full-time doctors conducting surgeries in the OR and making rounds in some of Bangkok’s and Chiang Mai’s best hospitals. Thailand is the preeminent medical tourism destination, and for our interns more relevant experience than just about any internship in the West could offer. Return to medical school with a clear-cut advantage over your peers.

Chiang Mai Medical Intern Video #1

Intern at a Magazine

Magazine and Multimedia Internship

Interning in Thailand is a relatively unexplored concept, but the opportunities are ripe. Through this assignment, you’ll learn from industry leaders at an English-language entertainment magazine. This publication is well-known and widely circulated in Northern Thailand, so you’ll gleaning on-the-job experience from local leaders in publication.

Magazine and Multimedia Intern Project Video