Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Highland Adventure Student Volunteer Group Project

Combine the character-building potential of community service and cultural engagement with the thrill of exploring the highland jungles of Northern Thailand. This is the kind of overseas adventure students dream about.

Last day at children's Home

Who needs idle downtime when you could be training alongside a genuine mahout, plunging through the canopy on a zip line or dining on the Ping River? The Highland Adventure package will turn your service project into a high-octane experience you’ll never forget.

The Highland Adventure adds the following features to the other packages in our list of offerings:

• a visit to an elephant camp, along with a mahout trainer course
• a thrilling zip-lining canopy tour
• a river boat dinner and trip

Meaningful Service and Cultural Engagement

As with all of the student service projects sponsored by Friends For Asia, the Highland Adventure package is built around a strong core of community service. We draw on our extensive network of local service sites to connect with you organizations that are meeting pressing needs genuine Thai communities around Chiang Mai.

Volunteer and Intern in Thailand

The specifics of your service will depend on when you visit and what’s going on the area at that time. Many of our most pressing and ongoing projects are built around improving the lives of children. You may end up helping with a construction project at an orphanage or organizing summer activities for children who are struggling with a crisis at home. When you enquire with Friends For Asia, we’ll be able to tell you more about which projects are on the horizon.

As with our Thai Society and Way of Life package, the Highland Adventure also offers three exciting ways to engage the local culture. You’ll be enrolled in specialized classes that will teach you the secrets of Thai cooking and the art of Thai kickboxing. On top of this, you’ll also have the chance to meet and mingle with real Thai students in a classroom environment.

A Taste for Adventure

Here’s where the excitement comes in. This package seasons your service project with a few genuine jungle adventures.

Zip Line Adventure

It’s one thing to hike through the jungles outside of Chiang Mai. You can pick your way along a trail, hop over a stream or two and admire a waterfall. But you haven’t really had a chance to admire these Southeast Asian jungles until you’ve had an aerial view.

We’ll ramp up your adventure, and your adrenaline, with an all-day zip-lining canopy tour. The trip is safe and well-regulated, and your guides know the jungle from top to bottom. You’ll speed through stands of old-growth forest, perch on top of spectacular waterfalls and enjoy a well-deserved lunch in the treetops.

River Boat Cruise

Finally, your entire group can come together for a dinner cruise along Chiang Mai’s Ping River. This Chiang Mai’s old-world expressway, but you’ll be enjoying in modern fashion. Sharing a freshly prepared Thai meal along the way gives everyone in the group the chance to come together and reflect on the week they’ve spent together.

Highland Adventure Student Volunteer Group Project Fees

The project fee in Thai Society and Way of Life is $1250 US Dollars per student.

Project Fee Includes:
Visit and Work at 2-3 different community service sites
Cultural dinner and show
Half day Orientation (including Thai language and Culture sessions)
Half day city tour of Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai Night Bazaar Visit
Half day Thai cooking course
Half day Muay Thai course
Visit to History Museum
Meet students at a local school
Half Day Elephant Camp visit and mini-elephant trainer course
One day zip lining adventure
River Boat dinner and trip
Chiang Mai Night Bazaar Visit
All transportation while in Chiang Mai
All meals
24 Hour Emergency Support

Project Fee Does Not Include:
Flights (transportation to/from home and Chiang Mai
Travel Insurance

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