Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Bangkok Activity Reviews

Volunteering with Friends for Asia in Thailand offers participants a unique perspective of a beautiful culture. Bangkok is a city whose reputation precedes it. This city of around 15 million is filled with everything a traveller could ask for: amazing food vendors with the familiar and not so familiar taste of Southeast Asia, world class shopping, nightlife, events, festivals, and so much more! Tourist only get a taste of what this metropolis has to offer, but our volunteers spend much more time with the local people and truly experience a more real, human side of the culture. Aside from these parts of the city, Friends for Asia also offers a wide variety of different volunteer and intern projects.

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Bangkok Transportation

While working with communities in Bangkok our volunteers get plenty of time to get out and explore the city for themselves. In Bangkok public transportation is easy to find and it’s affordable. During our Bangkok Volunteer and Intern Orientation, our staff will introduce participants to Bangkok’s BTS rail system services most of the cities popular areas and taxis are plentiful and cheap, but Bangkok traffic can be crazy sometimes and most opt for the BTS. Tuk tuks are a popular way to get around the city but can be more expensive. Also Bangkok has many motorbike taxis that are cheap and quick but not nearly as safe.



Bangkok Shopping

Bangkok features some of the best shopping in Asia with everything from large super-malls filled with high-end designer brands to small Thai-style markets with secondhand clothing and handcrafted goods. Siam Paragon sits in the heart of the city’s business district and boasts some popular international brands. Within walking distance from Siam Paragon are also Central World, Platinum Shopping Center and Central Chidlom. One of Bangkok’s newer shopping centers is Terminal 21, which has a different theme for each level of the high rise shopping center.

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During our Bangkok orientation, our coordinating staff give volunteers and interns an intimate tour of the massive Jatuchak Weekend market. Popular with both locals and tourist for its huge selection of new and secondhand fashion, small restaurants, coffee shops and bars. Small, local markets dot the city, and can be found in many of the back street neighborhoods of both old, and new Bangkok. These markets will have fresh produce, items for daily life, and mouthwatering Thai street food.

Bangkok Food

People all over the world know Thailand for it’s amazing cuisine; spicy, savory, sour, and sweet, Thailand’s food stands out as some of the best in the world. In Bangkok, you’ll never have to go far to find something tasty and the local markets are excellent places to try the local food. And because our volunteers spend an extended period of time in Bangkok they can really get out there and see what food the city has to offer.

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If you’re looking to go out at night, Bangkok is on great city to find oneself in. Areas like Sukumvit and Thonglor are filled with bars, clubs, and restaurants that stay open late. Whatever you’re style is you’ll find something you enjoy. World-renown bars and clubs feature live music, DJ’s, and international artist nearly every night. There are so many different options, that it makes it almost impossible to list all of them. Here’s a good place to start when looking for some of the many different dining and clubbing options that Bangkok has to offer.

Only a five minute motorbike taxi ride from our office, and volunteer and intern accommodation is the Ari area, which is an up and coming area with a lot of new trendy restaurants, shops and bars. Salt is a new trendy restaurant with fusion and multiple types of international cuisines to choose from. HOBS is a favorite for international beer lovers, who also enjoy pub grub. The Greyhound cafe offers a wide menu variety, a pleasant air conditioned atmosphere, along with meals are not too much on the budget of our volunteers and interns.

Volunteer in Thailand - Summer 2014