Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Volunteering in Thailand with Elephants

Thai Elephants

The iconic elephant has been a symbol of Thailand for hundreds of years. Previously used as instruments of war, then vehicles for moving timber during Thailand’s logging days, elephants are deep rooted in Thai history and society. A stroll down Chiang Mai’s artisan Sunday walking street market will reveal countless pieces of elephant related art and images.

Elephant Nursery Volunteers

Our Elephant Camp Volunteer Project participate for a variety of reasons. Some come to simply experience these amazing, gentle giants first hand. Others come to educate themselves, family and friends of the plight of the Asian elephant. Maybe it’s because of the uniqueness of this project, but this project has been quite popular for families, couples and friends.

Elephant Nursery Volunteer Tasks

Bathing elephants, cleaning elephant stalls, cutting grass and teaching English to the local children and staff is how our volunteers fill their days at the camp. Elephants are playful, but it’s not always fun and games at the camp. Elephants eat a lot and an extra hand in cutting grass can be a big help to some hungry elephants. Elephants can eat up to 300 pounds of food a day. That’s a lot of food! Therefore, a helping hand providing some elephant food sourcing, cutting and feeding is always an asset to keeping the elephants happy and well-cared for.

Elephant Nursery Volunteer Accommodation

By spending four nights per week at the nursery, volunteers are able to immerse themselves in the rural, northern Thai village where the camp is located. Nothing fancy here. Simple beds, and jungle style accommodation is provided. It’s simple, basic, but comfortable. Air conditioning is not provided, but also not needed, as the evenings normally cool down to a point that it’s comfortable to sleep. Hot water showers and western style toilets are provided. Also, the accommodation provides a lovely view of the beautiful creatures you’ve come to help.

for more information, please visit our Elephant Nursery Project page. If ready to begin making the jump, then we would like to invite all interested individuals to complete our online application.