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Volunteer Stories – Medical Internship – 2009

Volunteer Stories – Medical Internship – 2009

Hanna King, Alaska, USA – Medical Intern, December, 2009

“I have learned so much about medicine, myself, and this part of the world from my experience here with Friends for Asia. All of the staff at the hospital and at Friends for Asia, as well as the people here in Chiang Mai are so friendly and helpful and made my time here even better than I had ever expected. I definitely recommend this program to anyone interested in international medicine and traveling.”

Dr.Sophia Hurd, California, USA – Medical Intern , December, 2009

“What an AMAZING experience! I did the medical internship and learned so much about Thai medicine and how Pediatrics is practiced in Thailand. The doctors were so welcoming and willing to share their medical knowledge. The diseases were interesting, the hospital was great, and Friends for Asia made this medical experience one of the smoothest I’ve ever gone on. I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone.”

Tiffany Barker, Colorado, USA – Medical Intern, November, 2009 “This experience has taught me so much about myself and given me the opportunity to explore another part of the world. I really appreciated having the Friends for Asia staff and their support and couldn’t imagine my trip without them. I enjoyed learning about the health care system in Thailand and being able to see first-hand so many health centers. My adventure was truly exceptional and the friends I made here will always be remembered.”

Kevin Caton, Maine, USA – Medical Intern, October, 2009

“Everyone, including the staff at Friends for Asia as well as the staff at the hospitals I visited is quite friendly and eager to help you. They will help to make your time here as comfortable and “sabai” as you are willing to let them. The time goes by fast, so make the most of it by throwing out your expectations and trying all of what Thai culture has to offer at least twice. I look forward to my next visit to Chiang Mai and hope to see all the friends I have made during my brief, but rewarding visit.”

Chris Williams, Louisiana, USA – Medical Intern, August, 2009

“To be truthful, the experience that I had through the Friends for Asia program went above, and beyond, my expectations. Two of my friends and I enrolled in the medical intern project for the specific purpose of getting to do something that we would not be able to do in the United States: observe surgeries, up close and personal. Our first day at the hospital was unreal. We were quickly placed in the care of Dr. Narang, a jack-of-all-trades at the hospital, as we followed him through varied surgeries, emergency room care, and also his morning routines. The doctors, nurses, and surgical staff at the hospital all seemed thrilled to have us three foreigners there at the hospital to observe just about any procedure that we liked, from appendectomies to lobectomies, and hip replacements to eye surgeries. Not only were we allowed to stand mere feet away from the operating table, getting a great view of all of the action, but the doctors, nurses, and anesthesiologists eagerly offered up more information regarding what was taking place before us. If we had questions they were always answered, with doctors pointing out important features on the x-ray images if necessary. One doctor even drew us a complete diagram of how an appendectomy works before running to his next appointment. Besides the great reception from the staff, the freedom we had at the hospital was also unparalleled. There were four surgical wards and a minor procedures room, and as interns we were allowed to roam as we pleased, moving from one ward to another depending on which surgeries piqued our interests. On top of all of this, we were not only allowed, but even encouraged, to take pictures of the doctors, surgeries, patients, and anything else we liked. Having an experience anywhere similar to what we had through this intern program would literally be impossible in the United States, due to the country’s HIPPA standards. We got to see more surgeries, and a greater variety, during our two week internship than we will likely see until medical school. The experience was one of a kind, and it is something that I will certainly talk about with enthusiasm when it comes time for med school interviews. I also enjoyed the city of Chiang Mai and the Friends for Asia house- there was always something to do and I never felt unsafe in the surroundings. Overall, I really enjoyed this once in a lifetime experience and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in travel and going to medical school, or simply an interest in medicine at all.”

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