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“They were always smiled”

Girl's Home 6

At the Orphanage I have seen children they were happy with little simple things. They were always smiled, also when the background isn’t good. It was an emotional experience, to see very sick children, but also an very nice experience! I have learned a lot, about myself, about Thailand, about the culture.

A lot of stuff to think about it, when I am back at home.

– Linda Kraan – Mijdrecht, the Netherlands, November, 2012

“It warmed my heart…”

Volunteer and Intern in Thailand

I had a great time at the Orphanage. It warmed my heart to see that an orphanage can be a nice place to grow up, where the children are loved. Everybody there is very welcoming and the kids are amazing. I hope I could give them as much as they gave me!

– Anne Céline Bonnier – Baar, Switzerland, June, 2012

“The only regret I have about my experience is that I waited so long to do it.”

Afraid to follow your heart and do volunteer work? Don’t be. At the age of 54, this rural Minnesota “girl” was experiencing a bit of empty-nest syndrome/middle-age crisis and got the bright idea to head around the world to Thailand – by herself – with no previous international travel experience – to volunteer with Friends of Asia at Care Corner Orphanage. This is the same person who has social anxiety. Had never even gone to a movie by myself. Long story short, I did it, I survived it, and most importantly, I LOVED IT!!!! It was above and beyond my expectations in all aspects. There aren’t enough nice things to say about the staff at Friends for Asia and the Orphanage. They will take care of you and make you feel safe.

Thailand is an amazing country. The scenery is gorgeous, and the people are amazingly warm and friendly. Be prepared to smile until your face hurts.

For me, however, the children at the Orphanage were the reason I was there, and I got more back from those precious people than I could give them in a million years. You will leave there a better person than you were when you arrived, I guarantee it. The only regret I have about my experience is that I waited so long to do it.

– Sharon Woellert – Preston, Minnesota, USA, February, 2012

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