Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Chiang Mai Volunteer Group #276; January, 2020

Presenting Chiang Mai Volunteer Group #276! This group arrived in Chiang Mai a couple of weeks ago and started their projects in early January. A great group of ten volunteers and interns from Argentina, Germany, Portugal, England, France, and the USA.

Chiang Mai Volunteer and Intern Group #276

January, 2020

  1. Clara Iturriza, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Elephant Nursery Project (4 weeks)

  2. Rebecca Banderitsch, Nersingen, Germany, Teaching Monks Project (3 weeks)

  3. Shuyue Li, Maryland, the USA, Elephant Nursery Project (1 week)

  4. Abby Stark, New York, the USA, Medical Internship Project (3 weeks)

  5. Ava Katinas, New York, the USA, Medical Internship Project (3 weeks)

  6. Annie Celeste Urrutia, California, the USA, English Education Project (3 weeks)

  7. Richard Merino, North Carolina, the USA, Teaching Monks Project (4 weeks)

  8. Philipp Eckert, Faro, Portugal, Elephant Nursery Project (1 week)

  9. Mike Burkett, West Kirby, England, Low Cost English Teaching Project (3 weeks)

  10. Louise Roselet, Reims, France, English Education Project (8 weeks)