Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Chiang Mai Volunteer Group #275; December, 2019

Presenting Chiang Mai Volunteer Group #275! This group arrived last week, and started in their projects on Monday. A great group of four volunteers from Sweden, Mexico, Canada, and the USA. Philip volunteered with us last year, just recently in Nepal, and now is back here with us in Chiang Mai. It’s always good to have returning volunteers come back and partake in programs again.

Chiang Mai Volunteer Group #275

December, 2019

  1. Eszter Lencses, Lund, Sweden, Low Cost English Teaching Project (2 week)

  2. Belen Lanzagorta, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico, Elephant Nursery Project (2 weeks)

  3. Emily Tehrani, California, the USA, Teaching Monks Project (2 weeks)

  4. Philip Munro – Smith, Winnipeg, Canada, Teaching Monks Project – Not Pictured (2 weeks)