Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Chiang Mai Volunteer Group #182

Presenting our 182nd Group of International Volunteers and Interns in our Friends for Asia, Chiang Mai, Thailand Projects. This group arrived on Friday, and started their projects this past Monday. This group is 16 volunteers, from the USA, Denmark, Mexico, Austria, UK, and Germany. Angela participated in our Bangkok projects for a few weeks before making her way up to Chiang Mai to participate in our Chiang Mai projects too. Everyone is in their first week of their placements, and just a few days in their projects. Now that things are settling down after our busy summer, we are starting to post these new group photos a little faster.

Chiang Mai, Thailand Volunteer Group #182

  1. Blake Adam Dickenson, Oregon, USA, Medical Internship (3 weeks)
  2. Sabine Rosquist Risager, Odense, Denmark, Medical Internship (2 weeks)
  3. Alberto Ugarte Ortega, Mexico City, Mexico, Teaching Monks (4 weeks)
  4. Brandon Alexander Hoover, Oregon, USA, Medical Internship (3 weeks)
  5. Verena Pirker, Vienna, Austria, English Education (2 weeks)
  6. Tanja Tarczynski, Gaweinstal, Austria, Elephant Camp (2 weeks)
  7. James William Tecumseh Buck, Oregon, USA, Medical Internship (3 weeks)
  8. Camilla Hornshøj Wellendorf, Aalborg, Denmark, English Education (3 weeks)
  9. Conrad K Caindec, Oregon, USA, Medical Internship (3 weeks)
  10. Bernard Cameron Toner, Bonnybridge, UK, Teaching Monks (7 weeks) and Children’s Home (2 weeks)
  11. Bayliegh Jo Ann Biebel, Vermont, USA, Medical Internship (3 weeks)
  12. Not Named – Participant prefers to remain anonymous.
  13. Grace Elizabeth Griffiths, Slough, UK, Teaching Monks (2 weeks)
  14. Christina Bauer, Overath, Germany, Elephant Camp (2 weeks)
  15. Angela Yee, California, USA, Children’s Home (4 weeks)
  16. Nicole Fabienne Schäfer, Münchenstein, Gernamy, Elephant Camp (2 weeks)

Volunteer Chiang Mai Thailand Group 182

Good luck with your placements everybody!