Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Chiang Mai, Thailand Volunteer Group #186

Presenting our Chiang Mai, Thailand Volunteer and Intern Group #186. Fourteen new volunteers and interns from the USA, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Hong Kong, Canada, and Spain. Participants in this group will be partaking in our English Education, Children’s Home, Teaching Monks, Medical Internship, and Elephant Camp Volunteer Projects. The group finished orientation a few days ago, and started their projects on Monday. All are doing well and having a great time.


Thailand Volunteer Chiang Mai Group 186

Pennington Rich Watson Vi, New York, USA, Teaching Monks and English Education Project (4 weeks)
Paul Richard Ovnerud-Potter, New South Wales, Australia, English Education Project (4 weeks)
Angela Heimgartner, Hochfelden, Switzerland, Children’s Home Project (4 weeks)
Marcia Becker, Hamburg, Germany, Children’s Home Project (2 week)
Malene Arentsen, Jebjerg, Denmark, Children’s Home Project (6 weeks)
Anna Sophia Tudsen, Hamburg, Germany, Children’s Home Project (2 weeks)
Verena Birgit Bär, Sonnefeld, Germany, Teaching Monks Project (7 weeks)
Serena Mikhal Wright, California, USA, Medical Internship Project (2 weeks)
Holly Kathleen Check, Minnesota, USA, Elephant Camp Project (4 weeks)
Jean-Francois Poulain, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Children’s Home Project (4 weeks)
Cassandra Drake Huntley Pascual, Madrid, Spain, Teaching Monks Project (2 weeks)
Chelsea Anne Girvin, California, USA, Teaching Monks Project (4 weeks)
Vera Brennwald, Zürich, Switzerland, Children’s Home Project (4 weeks)
Meira Marissa Gisser, Manitoba, Canada, Teaching Monks Project (4 weeks)