Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Bangkok Volunteer Group #91!; August, 2019

Presenting Bangkok Volunteer Group #91! This group of five volunteers and interns arrived and started their projects earlier this month. They are from the UK, Italy, and Spain. The members of the group are participating in our Medical Internship, Kindergarten, Orphanage and Teaching Monks Volunteer Projects. To view a list of our different volunteer and opportunities, please visit our projects page.

Bangkok Volunteer and Intern Group #91

August, 2019

  1. David James Procter, Chester, United Kingdom, Teaching Monk (4 Week)

  2. Eica Schirru, Sestu, Italy, Teaching Monk (3 Week)

  3. Marco Sibiriu, Cagliari, Italy, Medical Internship (3 Week)

  4. Linda Jane Castle, Suffolk, United Kingdom, Orphanage (2 Week)

  5. Alvaro Laque Uris, Madrid, Spain, Kindergarten (4 Week)