Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Bangkok Volunteer Group #73; August, 2018

Presenting Bangkok Volunteer Group #73! This group of eight volunteers and interns are from Denmark, the USA, Spain, Ecuador and Canada. This group completed orientation over the weekend and started in their projects on Monday.

Bangkok Volunteer and Intern Group #73

August, 2018

  1. Lindsey Shinn, Pennsylvania, USA, English Education (2 weeks)

  2. Merit Gorgy, Massachusetts, USA, Orphanage (2 weeks)

  3. Charlotte Damici, Hoersholm, Denmark, Medical Internship (3 weeks)

  4. Lauren Shinn, Pennsylvania, USA, English Education (2 weeks)

  5. Andres Moreno, Pichincha, Ecuador, Medical Internship (4 weeks)

  6. Alvaro Luque Uria, Madrid, Spain, Kindergarten (2 weeks)

  7. Ronnie Gill, Surry, Canada, Orphanage (2 weeks)

  8. Ivana Zhang, New Jersey, USA, Medical Internship (2 weeks)