Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Bangkok Volunteer Group #37

Presenting Bangkok Volunteer Group #37! A group of seven volunteers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, The Netherlands, and the USA. The group finished Pre-Service Volunteer Orientation over the weekend and started in their projects. The volunteers in this group are participating in our Kindergarten, Orphanage, English Education and Womens Empowerment Volunteer Projects.

Bangkok Volunteer Group 37

Bangkok Volunteer Group #37

  1. Michaela Jeutter, Baden, Germany, Kindergarten (4 weeks)

  2. Tamara Petautschning, Murau, Austria, Orphanage (12 weeks)

  3. Niruja Varatharajasingam, Regensdorf, Switzerland, Orphanage (4 weeks)

  4. Hollie Ferguson, Halifax, England, English Education (4 weeks)

  5. Lotte Veldhuis, Enscheda, The Netherlands, Kindergarten (2 weeks)

  6. Katie Johnson, Texas USA, Women’s Empowerment (4 weeks)

  7. Maymuna Abdi, Walpole England, Women’s Empowerment (4 weeks)