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Bangkok Volunteer Group 33

Presenting our 33rd Bangkok Volunteer and Intern Group! This group finished orientation and started in their projects a few weeks ago. July is a busy time for us here in Thailand. The group is of 11 volunteers and interns coming from the US, Switzerland, France, UK, Hungary, and Puerto Rico. They are participating in our Womens Empowerment, Orphanage, Medical Internship, English Education and Teaching Monks Volunteer Projects.


Although limited, we do still have availability in some of our projects in August – for any of you last minute summer volunteers and interns.

Bangkok Volunteer 33

Bangkok Volunteer Group 33

July, 2016

  1. Ellen R Friedman Philadelphia, USA, Womens Empowerment Volunteer (8 weeks)
  2. Merima Pekic Ruswil, Switzerland, Womens Empowerment Volunteer (4 weeks)
  3. Sinam Marion Bordeaux, France, Orphanage Volunteer (8 weeks)
  4. Amy Wakelen Hamshire, UK, English Teaching Volunteer (2 weeks)
  5. Sara Mandujabo Velazquez Redhill, UK, Teaching monks Volunteer (3 weeks)
  6. Miyako Urata Debrecen, Hungary, Medical Intern (2 weeks)
  7. Yanlin Maggie Li California, USA, English Education Volunteer (3 weeks)
  8. Kuster Danja Eschenbach, Switzerland, Orphanage Volunteer (4 weeks)
  9. Michele Feldman New York, USA, English Education Volunteer (2 weeks)
  10. Roberto Hurtado Vega Alta, Puerto Rico, Teaching Monks Volunteer (4 weeks)
  11. Juan Irizarry Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, Teaching Monks Volunteer (3 weeks)