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Bangkok Volunteer Group 32

Presenting our Bangkok Volunteer and Intern Group #32! This group completed orientation this past weekend, and started their projects on Monday. A group of 13 participants coming from the United Kingdom and the United States. Mid-Summer always sees a spike in the number of our Medical Interns. In this group of 13 volunteers and interns more than half are Medical Interns. We are also hosting participants in our Kindergarten, Womens Empowerment and Teaching Monks Volunteer Projects.

We still have availability in many of our Bangkok Volunteer and Intern Projects for the busy, but fun, summer months. If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, please complete our online application soon!

Bangkok Volunteer 32

Bangkok Volunteer and Intern Orientation Group #32

June, 2016

  1. Amy Mcneill, Aberdeen, UK, Kindergarten (4 weeks)

  2. Elaine Keller, Montana USA, Women’s Empowerment (9 weeks)

  3. Dale Kerr, Aberdeenshire, UK, Kindergarten (4 weeks)

  4. Precious Ijoyah, London UK, Medical Internship (2 weeks)

  5. Dami Ru, Manchester UK, Medical Internship (4 weeks)

  6. Paige Thieke Clough, Columbia USA, Medical Internship (2 weeks)

  7. Joseph Hogan, London UK, Teaching Monks (2 weeks)

  8. Lucia Pirozekova, Edinburgh UK, Medical Internship (2 weeks)

  9. Audrey Polk, Virginia USA, Women’s Empowerment (4 weeks)

  10. Mikayla Lebo, California USA, Medical Internship (2 weeks)

  11. Bridget Anne Higgins, Pennsylvania, USA, Medical Internship (2 weeks)

  12. Paige Bartkowiak, Michigan, USA, Women’s Empowerment (6 weeks)

  13. Madeline Holcomb, California, USA, Medical Internship (2 weeks)