Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Bangkok Volunteer Group 30

Presenting Bangkok Volunteer Group #30! This group of four volunteers, and two Medical Interns, started their projects earlier this week. A very diverse small group of three Americans, one Canadian, one German and one Swiss. These six participants will be partaking in our Medical Internship, English Education, Teaching Monks and Womens Empowerment Volunteer Projects.

Volunteer Bangkok Group 30

Bangkok Volunteer Orientation Group 30 – May, 2016

1.Phung Tran, Georgia USA, Medical Internship (2 weeks)

2.Suyash Pandey, Ontario Canada, Medical Internship (2 weeks)

3.Julia Kaeslin, Zurich Switzerland, English Education (11 weeks)

4.Sarah Gaddis, New Jersey USA, Women’s Empowerment (6 weeks)

5.Vivien Vent, Hamburg Germany, English Education (3 weeks)

6.Kacey Anderson, California USA, Teaching Monks (4 weeks)