Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Volunteering in Thailand in December, 2010

Happy December and Holiday Season to everyone! Blue skies, sunny warm weather, cool nights… this is a great time of year here in Chiang Mai and Thailand. Apparently a lot of people know this, as our volunteer numbers and bookings are really up. We will see a total of eleven new volunteers and interns start their projects this month.

Volunteer Thailand Group 64

Most of Group 64 is currently somewhere in the sky enroute to Chiang Mai, Thailand. We have four volunteers arriving over the next few days. Two members of this group will be in our Elephant Camp Project, the other two are in the Teaching Monks Project. We look forward to their arrival and their orientation weekend. It will be a long weekend for this group, and for all of Thailand, as Monday is the substitute holiday for Thai Father’s Day.

Volunteer Thailand Groups 62 and 63

Below are the pictures of groups 62 and 63. Sorry I’m a little slow to post these pictures; as most of the volunteers have completed their projects and have headed back home. The picture of group 62 was taken at a scenic view point that overlooks Chiang Mai. These volunteers stopped here during the city tour on orientation weekend. The picture of Group 63 was taken in front of our Friends for Asia Volunteer House. It was a pretty big group and was difficult to get everyone together for the photo, but we managed.

Leslie the Volunteer!

Leslie Temanson is in the Group 62 photo. This is Leslie’s second volunteer project with us at Friends for Asia in two years. Leslie’s a California native, retired and now volunteering and traveling the world. After his volunteer project here in Chiang Mai has come to an end, he’ll be on his way to the Maldives to volunteer. He originally came and participated in our Elephant Camp Project. Now he’s here participating in our International University for Monks Project. He’s doing a great job. We even have a video of him teaching a class. Please click on this icon to view Leslie teaching a group of international Buddhist monks. For more information on the International University for Monks Project, please click here.

Thai Father’s Day

Sunday, the 5th of December is the birthday of His Majesty, the King of Thailand. It also doubles as Thai Father’s Day and is a Thai National Holiday. For this reason, our volunteers and the other hard working people of Thailand will receive an extra day off next week. We hope that all Thai fathers out there enjoy their special day and wish His Majesty, the King of Thailand the best for the coming year.