Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Volunteer Thailand News for November

Sadly, some parts of central Thailand have experienced some incredible struggle and difficulties with the floods. Fortunately, our volunteers and projects near the mountains in Chiang Mai and the beaches of southern Thailand near Surat Thani are dry and completely unaffected. We are accepting volunteers and daily life has continued as normal. The flood waters that have affected the areas of southern Thailand are expected to slowly flow into the sea within the next couple of weeks. Our thoughts are with those who are affected by the floods near Bangkok.

A New Group of 17 Volunteers!

Arriving tomorrow and Friday is a group of 17 volunteers that will be starting their projects on Monday, the 7th of November. In this group is Safir, our fist Indonesian volunteer, who will be participating in our Teaching Monks Volunteer Project for 8 weeks. It’ll be a busy, but fun orientation weekend.

Loy Krathong – A Northern Thai Festival

A benefit that our current and new volunteers will be experiencing is a beautiful northern Thai festival named “Loy Krathong.” During this festival Thais give thanks to “mother river” which gives them life and prosperity. Intricately hand made banana leaf boats with incense and candles are made by children and adults. A blessing of thanks and a wish of prosperity is made to the river before the small biodegradable banana leaf boats are placed upon the water’s surface to float down river with the current, illuminating the rivers and canals of nothern Thailand for the night of the full moon. Hot air lanterns are also lit and released along the clear, starry November night sky. A small prayer and wish is made before releasing the hot air lantern. With any Thai holiday, it wouldn’t be complete without a parade and traditional Thai clothes and dance.