Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Volunteer Teaching in Thailand

Smiles, giggles and “Good morning teacher!” is how lessons begin in classrooms throughout Thailand. The respect teachers hold in Thai society and the hunger Thai students have for learning English makes it a perfect place to teach.

English Education Thailand 1

English as a foreign language has been a part of the national Thai curriculum for as long as any one can remember. All primary, secondary and university students have English as a part of their weekly or daily class schedule. The wealthier schools throughout Thailand can afford the hefty salary required by foreign teachers. Considering most Thai students and children aren’t entitled to this luxury, we’d like to focus this posting on our volunteer teaching opportunities here in Thailand.

English Education Thailand 4

Volunteer Teaching Young Children in Thailand

It’s important to start linguistic education early, while the brain is still very open to language acquisition. In our English Education Project volunteers are able to work in underprivileged public schools that offer kindergarten and primary levels of study. This is where our volunteers have the most fun with songs, games and lively activities. For more information about our English Education Volunteer Project, click here.

Volunteer Teaching Novice Buddhist Monks

Volunteer and Intern in Thailand

The poorest and most underprivileged schools in Chiang Mai, and throughout Thailand, are the temple schools. Due to the high expense of foreign teacher salaries, none of the temple schools are able to afford a fulltime foreign teacher.

Volunteer and Intern in Thailand

Our Teaching Monks Volunteer Project was the first of its kind when the project started in 2007. In this project each volunteer is able to build upon the successes of those prior and learn about the beliefs and customs of Thai Buddhism. For more information about our Teaching Monks Volunteer Project, click here.

Volunteer Teaching University Students


A whole different type of academic experience is waiting for volunteers in our International University for Monks Volunteer Project. Students from countries throughout Southeast Asia find themselves here in Chiang Mai to receive a university education and study Buddhism. Unlike our other teaching projects, the experience volunteers in this project have is highly dependant upon their education, experience and teaching abilities.


Some help the fulltime professors with their lessons and work, whereas others have special, elective classes assembled especially for their project. For more information about our International University for Monks Volunteer Project, click here.

For more information on our Thailand volunteer projects (including our three teaching projects) click here.