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Volunteer and Intern Project Details Page

Page 4 – Details about Volunteer and Intern Projects

Below are icons for each of our different volunteer and intern projects, which will take you to pages that offer additional information about the specific project(s) you are interested in participating in. Yes, you may participate in two different projects, under the condition that you participate for the minimum duration for each project.

Childcare Projects

Orphanage Volunteer Project
Children’s Home Volunteer Project

Education or Teaching Volunteer Projects

Teaching Monks Volunteer Project
English Education Volunteer Project
International University for Monks Volunteer Project

Projects with Animals

Elephant Camp Volunteer Project

Building and Construction Projects

Building and Gardening at a Home for Single Mothers in Crisis


Although Friends for Asia is basically a volunteer organization, we do offer a couple of resume boosting internships, for those looking to gain experience. Please know in these two projects, the focus is on the experience in which the intern receives through their experience, as opposed to the contribution they are able to provide.

Medical Internship
Magazine and Multimedia Internship