Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

University of Georgia Student Volunteers and Interns in Thailand

We are in our second year of receiving a lot of volunteers and interns from the University of Georgia. Both our Bangkok and Chiang Mai Medical Internship Projects have been popular choices for UGA applicants. However, many of our other projects have also received a fair amount of interest, especially our Teaching Monks and Rural Schools Project.

Unlike volunteers and interns from other origins, our UGA students have always approached their projects and placements with maturity, hard work and cultural sensitivity. I’ve been very pleased with the participation that UGA students have brought to our projects. The Friends for Asia staff and I look forward to our 2015 summer, where already we have many bookings from UGA students.

This post is not only to mention how we really appreciate UGA students in our projects. It is also meant to connect UGA students that are in the application and booking process before they leave home. If any students from UGA (or anywhere else) are interested in our projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Also, if there are any Bulldogs looking to connect, please leave messages with this post. If viewing this post in another place, feel free to find and connect on our facebook page at: