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Top 5 Reasons to Volunteer in Thailand this Summer

5 Reasons You Should Volunteer in Thailand this Summer

There are few better ways to beat the winter blues than planning ahead for your summer vacation. Whether you are graduating high school, are in university or even planning a summer career break, the summer months offer a wonderful opportunity to see new places and experience new things. The opportunities for adventure are boundless.

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Volunteering in Thailand is one such opportunity, one that is experienced by thousands of people every year who are looking for an enriching experience in an exotic environment. Here are five reasons why volunteering in Thailand is such a popular choice:

1. A Unique Choice of Volunteer Projects

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Few countries offer such a range of exciting and rewarding volunteer opportunities. From working with orphans in Bangkok to teaching novice Buddhist monks in Chiang Mai, you will be hard pushed to find such a varied choice of volunteer projects anywhere in the region, or indeed the world. No matter what your age or interests, you will find a summer volunteer project in Thailand to suit you.

2. It’s Rewarding, On So Many Levels


Volunteering in Thailand will enrich your life in many ways. Not only will you gain the benefits that come from helping people less well off than yourself, you will meet new people from all over the world, make new friends and gain a life experience that you will never forget. Volunteering can also bring more practical rewards. Any volunteer work will look great on your resume and can count as invaluable work experience as you build towards your chosen career.

3. Live like a Local

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One of the greatest draws of Thailand as a volunteer is its unique and rich culture. As a volunteer you will venture off the beaten path, experience this culture first hand and gain a unique insight into how the local people live and work. Many projects will require that you live on site, allowing you to truly immerse yourself in local life. And don’t forget the food! Authentic and delicious Thai dishes cooked by locals will be part of your everyday life, something not to be missed on any trip to Thailand.

4. Experience Thailand’s Wonderful Nature


As with everywhere in the world, development and deforestation have taken their toll in Thailand. Nevertheless, much of Thailand’s fantastic flora and fauna remain untouched in the country’s many wonderful national parks. You can play your part in preserving this fantastic natural asset in a range of volunteer activities. One of the most popular options is volunteering at an elephant camp, where you can work with and care for these majestic creatures, though there are plenty of other opportunities for those who want to experience Thailand’s fantastic natural life while making a positive impact.

5. Excellent Travel Opportunities

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Volunteering in Thailand means that once your project work is over, you are free to explore and enjoy one of the world’s most exciting destinations. From the forested mountains of the north to the pristine beaches of the south, Thailand offers countless attractions and activities. If you want to travel further afield, Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia are just a short flight away, offering the chance to explore ancient temples, beautiful landscapes and experience rich and varied Southeast Asian cultures.

If you are interested in volunteering in Thailand this summer, Friends For Asia offers a range of unique and rewarding opportunities to suit every interest.