Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Thinking Of Volunteering Overseas? Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

Have you heard of the term “international volunteerism”? Simply put, it’s volunteering in any country that’s not your own. Think of it as travelling across borders to help teach in schools, build homes, count endangered species or even deliver medical supplies. More broadly put, international volunteerism is donating your skills, time and energy to help make a difference.

How Can You Volunteer Abroad?

There are a multitude of organisations around the world who will facilitate volunteers. Some like to combine volunteering with overseas studies or travelling too.

Why Choose to Volunteer Abroad?

There are a host of benefits to volunteering. There’s the opportunity to learn new skills, give back to communities and collect a whole lot of experience. You can expand your networks while enjoying amazing mental and physical health benefits too. So, with all the opportunities already available in your community, why would you want to volunteer in an entirely different country? Here are a couple of reasons to think about:

Volunteer and Intern in Thailand

  • It’s a huge adventure! You get to escape the rat race of the concrete jungle to head off and broaden your horizons while perhaps living a little more simply than you do at home.
  • Curiosity about different cultures. You’ll get to interact with like-minded people from around the world. You’ll work together side by side towards shared goals and ideals while gaining amazing cultural understanding. You’ll get to explore new places as a resident instead of simply a tourist and you can really come close to walking in someone else’s shoes.
  • You’ll get to be a civilian ambassador and improve relations among nations and cultures by advancing cultural competency.
  • Take a break from your reality. You’ll get to try something new and experience new challenges.
  • Take time for a career shift. You get to give back to communities while figuring out what you’d like to do next in your profession. You’ll garner brand new perspective and learn new skills that will help put your career path into context.
  • Supporting a cause on a global scale.
  • Huge opportunity to learn. Chances are you’ll get to learn a new language and experience it first-hand.
  • Launch a new career. You could launch a whole new career in international aid and development while expanding professional networks.
  • Heaps of personal development. Take the time to think and explore while learning a new language, making new friends and developing a brand new set of skills.
  • Pursuing a global skill bank. You get to offer your expertise in return for that of others. You’ll swap loads of experience and know-how with people from around the globe.
  • Doing things that are needed. This is one of the most important advantage. You’ll get to dig wells and build schools simply because they’re in need. You get to make a difference wherever and however you can. Is international volunteerism for you?