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Thailand Valentine’s Day

Sharing the love: Volunteering in Thailand on Valentine’s Day

Thailand has long been a destination for romantic souls. The beautiful sunsets, stunning beaches and endless choice of romantic settings make it a popular draw for couples of all ages looking for that special vacation.

February is one of the best times to visit Thailand. The weather is relatively cool throughout the country, and offers the perfect escape from the colder climes of the United States and Europe.

Valentine’s Day in Thailand

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Like many Western celebrations, Valentine’s Day is becoming more popular in Thailand, with Thai people often giving the day its own unique twist. While the usual trappings may not be as evident as they would be at home, special events and activities are organized throughout the country to make sure the romantic spirit is alive and well.

From the mountains of northern Thailand to the beautiful beaches down south, there is no shortage of romantic settings where you can spend your special day. Romantic boat trips, candlelit dinners and cupid-inspired evening events won’t be hard to find, no matter where you are in Thailand.

Valentine’s Volunteering in Thailand

For those who want to do something a little different on Valentine’s Day, volunteering is becoming an increasingly popular option. In recent years there has been a growing trend towards sharing the love not only with those closest to you, but also those who need it most. Committing random acts of kindness not only enriches the lives of those you help, but can have a real and lasting effect on your own happiness as well.

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If you are looking to have a truly unique experience, whether alone or with your partner, on February 14, while making a very real difference to the lives of those less well off than you, partaking in a volunteer project in Thailand can be a wonderful way to spend Valentine’s Day. Not only can volunteering strengthen the bonds between you and your partner, it offers a unique opportunity to experience Thailand’s rich culture first-hand.

Thailand offers a range of volunteering opportunities that you and your loved one can enjoy. You can help underpriviledged children at an orphanage in Chiang Mai, volunteer at an elephant camp in rural Northern Thailand, or teach English to novice Buddhist monks in Bangkok. Projects are available throughout February in a variety of locations, so you won’t be short of options for your Valentine’s Day volunteer experience in Thailand.

As Thai people are naturally curious about Western culture and wholeheartedly partake in any celebration, volunteering in Thailand on Valentine’s Day offers an excellent opportunity to bring the Valentine spirit to your volunteer project. Whether you are working with children or adults, they will be eager to learn about the customs and history of this romantic celebration.

If you would like to share some love with those less fortunate than yourself in an exciting and exotic setting, volunteering in Thailand on Valentine’s Day may be just the opportunity you were looking for.

If you are interested in volunteering in Thailand on Valentine’s Day, Friends For Asia offers a range of unique and rewarding opportunities.