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Schools in Thailand Re-Open for 2nd Term

November is upon us, and after a quieter October, things are starting to pick up. Early November sees the schools re-opening for the second term, which means here at Friends for Asia, we are back in full swing.

With the weather also settling, it’s a lovely time of year when the rains slow down and stop and the temperatures cool. All in all, a perfect time to get involved, especially with one of our many exciting Teaching project sites.

English Education

With school starting back up, we’ve just had two new groups of volunteers arrive in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Many of this group chose to take part in our teaching projects. Our Chiang Mai group sees three of our older returning volunteers, coming back for another deep and fulfilling volunteer and tourism experience. We are proud to say that two of our three returning volunteers are now on their second placement in a teaching project, whilst the third is back for her third placement in a teaching project.


Choosing a Teaching Project

While we have a range of projects you can choose from with many great causes, our teaching projects are definitely one of the best way to get your hands wet and get connected. For many, English is a privilege that can go unnoticed and a barrier that we often forget. Getting involved in a teaching project is a beautiful way to share a natural ability to those who can benefit from the language and skill.

There are a variety of teaching projects available, including teaching at schools, children’s home and to buddhist monks. You’ll feel a sense of fulfillment from watching the children pick up the language (children often are able to pick up languages much easier and faster at a younger age, their psyche being sponge-like at that age.)

Similarly work on a project site with some of our Buddhist Monks in a Buddhist Monastery. It’s a rare behind the scenes look at the life and nature of some of Thailand’s most revered. It truly is a life changing experience, to take the opportunity to converse and share your native language with a community that may not usually get the chance.

Having the ability to converse even in basic English, is a skill that will improve a lot of local lives and increase opportunities available to them. By choosing to take a placement teaching English, you are part of a movement that helps many from broken families and low-income families create better lives for themselves and their future families.

While you could teach English at one of the many private schools in Thailand, by volunteering with Friends for Asia, it’s a unique experience to give something back to underprivileged schools who cannot afford to hire foreign native-english speakers and teachers. By choosing this route, you are really making an active difference in Thailand and enabling growth in the younger, underprivileged generation.

While November is a great time to take advantage of the re-opening of the schools and align your travels with a teaching placement, there are still many other placement opportunities available. For less formal interaction with children, you can take up a placement volunteering at one of the many children’s projects. Helping with the daily duties of health and welfare also allows you to get close and personal with the lives you are positively affecting. You can interact and care for young children who are often victims of abuse and neglect.

FFA School 381

Other Volunteering in Thailand Options

There are also specialized placements like our Medical and Media placements. If you have been interested in learning more in these fields, it’s a way to get up close and personal with a hospital or magazine environment.

If you’re a first-timer to Friends for Asia, you might feel comfortable with one of our Animal or Outdoor projects. Get a little more dirty with physical work, looking after the elephants or helping with construction builds. If you aren’t sure which project could be a good fit, one of our friendly staff are always more than willing to talk you through the different experiences and find a perfect match for you. Simply fill in the contact form or browse our Projects page, and reach out to us with any questions.