Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia


“Pray for Bangkok” has emerged as the slogan for how the people of Thailand are working through their grief after a bomb exploded in Bangkok’s central business district on the evening of Monday, the 17th of August, 2015. Whether it is Bangkok, Bali, Oslo or Boston, these acts show that no corner of the world is immune to horrific acts of violence.

Our Friends for Asia Bangkok office, volunteer and intern accommodation, and projects are in a different district of Bangkok. All of our volunteers, interns, and staff are safe. Today (Tuesday, the 18th of August) all of our volunteers and interns took the day off from their projects, as the schools in Bangkok were closed, along with anticipated problems with transport, due to some of the sky train lines being closed.

Bangkok, Thailand Volunteer Video

Bangkok is still a very safe city to visit, and our volunteer and intern projects will continue uninterrupted. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, and the friends and families of the victims of this horrible tragedy.