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National Volunteer Week 2017

Each year in mid to late April, the people of the United States and Canada recognize and celebrate the work of volunteers down the decades. This year, National Volunteer Week is from 23rd to the 27th of April.

Initially conceived in Canada in 1943 to celebrate the contribution of Canadian women to the WWII war effort, National Volunteer Week was later established in the United States in 1974.

While volunteer work, of course, is a continuous effort, National Volunteer Week provides an opportunity for special events that increase awareness of the many benefits of helping those less fortunate than yourself. If you haven’t tried volunteer work before, this is a great time to start!

Girl's Home

This year, communities throughout both countries will come together for thousands of different projects. From helping the homeless to cleaning up local parks, there are endless opportunities for veterans and newcomers alike.

One of the key messages of National Volunteer Week is that volunteering doesn’t just benefit the lives of others, it improves and enriches your own life in many, many ways. Studies have shown that volunteers enjoy significant physical and psychological benefits, such as overall better health and a heightened sense of wellbeing. There are more practical benefits too. Volunteer work looks great on your resume, often boosting your work experience and job prospects.

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If you have not tried volunteer work before, National Volunteer Week is a great time to start. If you do catch the volunteering bug, there is no need to limit your work to your local community. NGOs, international foundations and other groups the world over are always on the look out for enthusiastic and skilled volunteers and interns to work on exciting projects in exotic locations.

Embarking on a months-long volunteer project in remote and impoverished locations is not an undertaking to be taken lightly and many projects required fully trained graduates with very particular skills. If you are interested in volunteering abroad we suggest that you start small, and work your way up to bigger and more challenging projects.


At Friends For Asia we offer a range of volunteer in Thailand projects that offer all the benefits of an exciting volunteer abroad experience in a friendly environment where you live and work with other volunteers. From working with disadvantaged children in Bangkok to helping care for elephants in Chiang Mai, our volunteer projects are as varied as they are rewarding.

All of volunteers stay at out our volunteer houses where they can mix with fellow volunteers and enjoy weekends exploring the wonders of Thailand. If you want to experience an unforgettable volunteer abroad experience for a couple of weeks or a month, our projects provide the perfect initiation for those interested in the possibilities of volunteering abroad longer-term.

We offer a wide range of Thailand volunteer projects that will give you a unique perspective on life on Thailand while providing you with an unforgettable experience. Contact us today to find about more about the ideal volunteer project for you.