Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

German Volunteers in Thailand

Germany operates the world’s biggest outbound tourist trade – an impressive statistic considering the fact that 13 countries on the planet host bigger populations. In short, Germans understand the value of international travel.

At Friends for Asia, we have also been impressed with the sense of conviction German travelers feel when it comes to giving back to the places they visit. Here in the north of Thailand, one out of four of our volunteers comes from Germany. That’s a substantial chunk of our volunteer base, which is why we’re anxious to design and implement volunteer programs that are accessible and meaningful to volunteers from Germany.

If you’re thinking about taking some time to volunteer abroad, be sure to explore opportunities in Thailand. This is a country as suitable for independent travelers as it is for package tourists, with plenty of exciting opportunities for adventurers from Germany. Northern Thailand, with its jungle canopied mountains, tropical rivers and diverse mix of ethnic minorities is particularly well-suited for anyone intent on getting off the well-worn tourist path and making a difference in the process.

Opportunities for German Volunteers

There are plenty of different opportunities for our German volunteers. In our experience, our German volunteers often have a very strong command of English, including the complexities of English grammar. These abilities allow our volunteers from Germany, to provide great benefit in our teaching projects. Working with elephants and with children are also popular project selections for volunteers from Germany.

An Ideal Fit for German Volunteers in Thailand

It’s no wonder that Friends for Asia is so appealing to volunteers from Germany. Not only does the organization provide compelling ways for visitors to get involved in international projects, it also offers one of the most German-friendly living situations in Thailand’s volunteer sector.

Most of the volunteer organizations in Thailand employ bilingual Thai coordinators that speak English as a second language. But the staff at Friends for Asia are a much more diverse lot. Paji is one of the main FFA coordinators interacting with volunteers. She is half-German and half-Thai, with strong a German-language abilities. The fact that she has one foot in Thailand and the other in Germany makes her uniquely qualified to help FFA’s German volunteers transition comfortably into their projects.