Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

HIV Orphanage and Internships

In addition to other things, I would like to use this post to focus on both our HIV Orphanage Project and the two internships we offer: The Magazine and Multimedia Intern Project and Medical Intern Project. Although we are mainly a volunteer organization, these two intern projects offer individuals the ability to gain from their experience in Chiang Mai based organizations, along with contributing in ways that are a bit different from those of our other opportunities.

The Magazine and Multimedia Intern Project

Our Magazine and Multimedia Intern Project gives individuals with an interest in journalism, web design, marketing and photography a chance to build upon their knowledge, skills and experience in these areas. It’s really a great project and in the past we’ve even had intern’s work published within the monthly magazine where they work.

The Medical Intern Project

The Medical Intern Project is slowly becoming one of our most popular. Observing a host of different surgeries, working with patients within a physical therapy department, having lunch and exchanging stories with a bunch of Thai doctors… I love hearing the stories that Medical Interns bring to our Friends for Asia Volunteer House at the end of a day at the hospitals. Truly an interesting and amazing experience for anyone interested in the field of medicine, with an international angle.

The HIV Orphanage Volunteer Project

Volunteer and Intern in Thailand

Our is one that is quite important to me, as it is an organization that I personally volunteered at in the past (before we got so busy!). It’s a great organization that does amazing things for the children in Chiang Mai that can use it most. This project has a brief window of opportunity – from mid-March to mid-May. With the start of that window only a couple of months away, I’d like to encourage those out there that are truly interested in making a difference in a child’s life to check out this project.

New Volunteer Groups

Orientation Group # 67 arrived over a week ago and at a total of 10 people, has been one of our largest groups to date. Group #68 is on the half day city tour as I write this update. Also a large and diverse group of seven people, we are pleased that all seven of these volunteers (and one medical intern) are finally here and ready to begin their projects in just a couple of days. An announcement will be posted when the group photos for both group #67 and #68’s pictures are completed and posted on our flickr account.