Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Dual Thailand City Volunteering – Bangkok and Chiang Mai

Friends for Asia offers a variety of different exciting volunteer and intern projects in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand. Opportunities in the North as well in Bangkok make it easy for our volunteers to see the many faces of Thai culture and what makes Thailand such a unique country. At Friends for Asia, we set up our programs in Thailand so that volunteers work in communities in the north, based around Chiang Mai, or in Bangkok. For volunteers wishing to get a more rounded view of Thai culture, we also allow participants to split their time between the two, allowing workers to maximize their experience here and see more of what Thailand has to offer.

Volunteer in Thailand - Summer 2015

Our programs in Chiang Mai offer volunteers a wide variety of opportunities to help. Known more for its laid-back lifestyle and beautiful nature, programs here include helping at orphanages and even volunteering at an elephant camp. The elephant camp allows volunteers to take an active roll caring for these majestic creatures while living in more remote and rustic accommodations, all while surrounded by the beauty on Northern Thailand.


Volunteer Chiang Mai Video

For some volunteers, choosing to split time between Chiang Mai and Bangkok gives them more chances to see the different aspects of a very diverse culture, all while being in direct contact with those they serve. Bangkok is the cultural and economic center of Thailand and offers a much different volunteer experience than Chiang Mai. In Bangkok, volunteers and interns can take part in medical internships or work towards women’s empowerment, all while living in the heart of a vibrant, active city.

Bangkok, Thailand Volunteer Video

For volunteers on a budget who still want to take in as much as they can while they work in Thailand, splitting time between central and northern Thailand makes seeing different sides of Thai culture possible. Also, we allow our volunteers to split time between Bangkok and Chiang Mai for no additional cost. Friends for Asia’s project and intern fees are low to begin with, so providing this additional option of dual city volunteering during one’s trip to Thailand can allow our participants to see more of the country while also traveling on a budget. So instead of working at one project location for four weeks, volunteers can work for two weeks in each. Upon arriving to Thailand, participants go through an orientation that gets volunteers ready to go out in the communities we serve. Part of this orientation features a tour of the area where we show volunteers unique and interesting areas in the cities. Volunteers who work in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai take part in both of these orientations and get to participate in our area tours in both places, giving our volunteers quick access to some of the best Thailand has to offer.