Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Chiang Mai Volunteer Group #225

Presenting Chiang Mai Volunteer and Intern Group #225! This group of 12 volunteers and interns arrived into Chiang Mai earlier this month, and started their projects a few weeks ago. Participants in this group are from the USA, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Italy, France, and Thailand.

The members of this group participated in our Medical Internship, Children’s Home, Teaching Monks, and English Education Volunteer Projects. Please visit our Projects Page for more info on our volunteer and intern opportunities.

Chiang Mai Thailand Volunteer Group 225

Chiang Mai Volunteer Orientation Group #225

August, 2017

  1. Samual Joseph Benjamin, Delaware, the USA, Children’s Home Project (2 weeks)

  2. Tanja Schütz, Igis, Switzerland, Teaching Monks Project (3 weeks)

  3. Rachel Anne McCabe, Delaware, the USA, Children’s Home Project (2 weeks)

  4. Erin Francesca Magdalena Hanley, California, the USA, English Education Project (2 weeks)

  5. Amit Arora, Vienna, Austria, Medical Internship Project (3 weeks)

  6. David Gerald Albert Symmonds, Toronto, Canada, Teaching Monks Project (4 weeks)

  7. Sydney Jane Caux, Brandon, Canada, Medical Internship Project (2 weeks)

  8. Sarah Nicole Jacobs, Delaware, the USA, Children’s Home Project (2 weeks)

  9. Evita Evelyn Müller, Oberembrach, Switzerland, Medical Internship Project (3 weeks)

  10. Thanyamai Chansavangwonk, Bangkok, Thailand, Medical Internship Project (3 weeks)

  11. Carola Di Bella, Genoa, Italy, Medical Internship Project (3 weeks)

  12. Alba Jimenez Lorente, Provins, France, Children’s Home Project (2 weeks)