Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Chiang Mai Volunteer Group #214

Presenting Chiang Mai Volunteer Group #214. This group arrived last week and started their projects on Monday. The group has nine members, from the UK, USA, Switzerland, and Mexico.

Volunteers and Interns in this group are participating in our Medical Internship, Elephant Camp, Children’s Home, English Education, and International University for Monks Volunteer Projects.

Chiang Mai Thailand Volunteer Group 214

Chiang Mai Volunteer and Intern Group #214

January, 2017

  1. Paul William Haiselden, Canterbury, the UK, International University for Monks Project (4 weeks)

  2. Shane Matthew Karolyi, New Jersey, the USA, Elephant Camp Project (1 week)

  3. Stefanie Désiréé Müller, Ebikon, Switzerland, Children’s Home Project (4 weeks)

  4. Ashley Paige West, Ontario, Canada, Medical Internship Project (4 weeks)

  5. Milo Blue Sneden Belleau, Maine, the USA, Children’s Home Project (2 weeks)

  6. Anabel Anguiano Gonzalez, Mexico City, Mexico, English Education Project (5 weeks)

  7. Carla Maria Mosig Prida, Mexico City, Mexico, Elephant Camp Project (4 weeks)

  8. Alexandra Jean Pratt, Colorado, the USA, Medical Internship and Elephant Camp Projects (8 weeks)

A. Susan Eileen Koentopp (not pictured), Washington, the USA, Elephant Camp Project (5 weeks)