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Chiang Mai Volunteer Group 213

Presenting Chiang Mai Volunteer and Intern Group # 213! This group started their projects last week, and are doing a great job. Twelve new volunteers from Switzerland, the USA, Uruguay, the UK, Canada and Denmark. It’s a great time to be in Chiang Mai. January sees warm sunny days, and cool nights. It’s also the high season for tourism here, so there are a lot of foreigners around the city exploring.

The members of this group are participating in our Medical Internship, Teaching Monks, Elephant Camp, English Education, and Children’s Home Volunteer Projects.

Chiang Mai Thailand Volunteer Group 213

Chiang Mai Volunteer and Intern Group # 213

January 2017

  1. Katja Fritsche, Winterthur, Switzerland, Teaching Monks Project (3 weeks)

  2. Elisabeth Stanzel, St. Gallen, Switzerland, Elephant Camp Project (2 weeks)

  3. Hai Chau Dung Ly, Massachusetts, the USA, Teaching Monks Project (2 weeks)

  4. Lilly Seiders, Pennsylvania, the USA, English Education Project (4 weeks)

  5. Carolina Ottati, Pocitos Nuevo, Uruguay, Children’s Home Project (3 weeks)

  6. Roise Mae Doherty, London, the UK, Children’s Home Project (2 weeks)

  7. Patrycja Klaudia Lason-Hollins, New Jersey, the USA, Teaching Monks Project (2 weeks)

  8. Sarah Emily Bush, New York, the USA, Teaching Monks Project (2 weeks)

  9. Karrie Eileen May Kay, Ontario, Canada, Elephant Camp Project (2 weeks)

  10. Kerry Lee Getchonis, Massachusetts, the USA, Medical Internship Project (3 weeks)

  11. Michala Brødbæk Clausen, Aarhus V, Denmark, Elephant Camp and English Education Projects (8 weeks)

  12. Jennifer Marie Downen, Idaho, the USA, Children’s Home Project (8 weeks)