Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Chiang Mai Volunteer Group 210

Presenting Chiang Mai Volunteer Group #210! A great, diverse group of 12 new volunteers and interns. The group members are from the USA, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Singapore, Denmark, and Mexico. They are participating in our Medical Internship, Elephant Camp, Teaching Monks, Children’s Home, Low-Cost, and English Education Volunteer Projects. For more information about our volunteer projects, please visit our Volunteer and Intern Projects page.

It’s a great time to be here in Chiang Mai. As you can see in the picture below, the weather has just cooled off, and the skies are bright and sunny.

Chiang Mai Orientation Group # 210


November 2016

  1. Julen Valentin De Zubiaurre, New York, the USA, Elephant Camp Project (5 weeks)

  2. Leonard Vincent Julius Stübler, Stuttgart, Germany, Teaching Monks Project (4 weeks)

  3. Manuela Genduso, Lenzburg, Switzerland, Children’s Home Project (4 weeks)

  4. Michael Naizby Burkett, West Kirby, the UK, Low Cost English Teaching Project (2 weeks)

  5. Ho Mei Jing, Singapore, Singapore, Medical Internship Project (2 weeks)

  6. Lene Riis Olesen, Varde, Denmark, Children’s Home Project (2 weeks)

  7. Morgan Amara Sutton, Colorado, the USA, Elephant Camp Project (1 week)

  8. Alexandra Marie Bernabei, South Carolina, the USA, Teaching Monks Project (2 weeks)

  9. Lara Katharina Sikorski, Bielefeld, Germany, English Education Project (8 weeks)

  10. Neele Marie Leisner, Bielefeld, Germany, Children’s Home Project (8 weeks)

  11. Yunuen Diaz Reyes, Mexico City, Mexico, Elephant Camp Project (4 weeks)

  12. Ranbir Krishna Bhatnagar, Iowa, the USA, Low Cost English Teaching Project (8 weeks)