Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Chiang Mai, Thailand Group #183

Presenting Friends for Asia, Chiang Mai, Thailand Group #183. This group just finished orientation last Sunday, and started their projects this past Monday. It’s a big group of 22 volunteers and interns from Denmark, Switzerland, USA, France, Canada, Turkey and Chile. There are a fair number of volunteers and interns in this group that will be with us here in Chiang Mai for extended periods of time – 13 weeks, etc. In touching base and chatting with the volunteers and interns in this group over the week, everyone seems to be having a great first week.

We are in the middle of the rainy season here in Chiang Mai. Today, it rained at three different times, with each patch between rain bringing hot sunshine. This bodes well for the farmers of northern Thailand, but can sometimes make commuting back and forth to project sites a bit tricky. However, in these cases, one quickly sees how Thais take all things in stride, with patience, and a smile.

Group Photo #183


Henriette Damborg Gormsen, Kjellerup, Denmark, Children’s Home (8 weeks)
Gitte Tind Kristensen, Kjellerup, Denmark, Children’s Home (8 weeks)
Ida Emilie Christiansen, Rønne, Denmark, Children’s Home (13 weeks)
Tanja Krogh Asbøl, Aars, Denmark, Children’s Home (13 weeks)
Leopold Manfred Hofmann, Steinmaur, Switzerland, Children’s Home(4 weeks) and Elephant Camp (4 weeks)
Christopher Allen Childers, North Carolina, USA, Medical Internship (14 weeks)
Malene Normann Toft, Vejle Øst, Denmark, Children’s Home (9 weeks)
Laura Leander Herum Christensen, Jellinge, Denmark, Children’s Home (9 weeks)
Aimée Catherin, Claire-Marie Vuillard, Boulogne, France, Elephant Camp (8 weeks)
Matthias Benoit Martinon, Paris, France, Elephant Camp (8 weeks)
Lise, Ludivine, Marie-Blanche Coperchini, Saint Germain en Laye, France, Elephant Camp (8 weeks)
Natalie Angela Cora Gravel, Alberta, Canada, Elephant Camp (2 weeks)
Alexis Morgan Barnes, New York, USA, Children’s Home (8 weeks) and Elephant Camp (8 weeks)
Hannah Claire Evans, California, USA, Elephant Camp (6 weeks) and Children’s Home (6 weeks)
Julie Christine Vangsted, Aarhus N, Denmark, Teaching Monks (4 weeks)
Rebecca Dunkel, Ringleben, Germany, Elephant Camp (2 weeks)
Cecilie Ledgaard, Herning, Denmark, Elephant Camp (2 weeks) and Children’s Home(5 weeks)
Charlotte, Marie, Claude, Dominique Voelckel, Le Vésinet, France, Elephant Camp (8 weeks)
Ece Turan, Izmir, Turkey, Teaching Monks (2 weeks)
Kimberly Singh, New York, USA, Elephant Camp (2 weeks)
Marcel Maurice Andry-Bourgeois, Rhode Island, USA, Elephant Camp (3 weeks)
Javiera Belén Sinsay Schmeisser, Temuco, Chile, Medical Internship (6 weeks)