Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

See Bangkok and Chiang Mai

Volunteering: The Best Way to see Bangkok and Chiang Mai

How to get the best experience when seeing Thailand? This is a question faced by millions of tourists to the country every year. Travelers crave the most comprehensive encounters with this exciting and unique land, at the best possible price. However, one of the best, most thrilling options is to volunteer as part of a respected project.

This way, you are adding to your CV, experiencing the land in the right way, and helping to do some genuine good for this spellbinding country.

The “Land of Smiles” was listed by the United Nations’ 2016 World Tourism Organisation survey as the second most popular country to visit in Asia. Behind China but ahead of other popular destinations such as Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore. Two of the most popular destinations within Thailand are Bangkok and Chiang Mai.


The capital of Thailand, Bangkok is a sprawling metropolis of over 8 million, with over 14 million people living within the surrounding Bangkok Metropolitan Region. The city is one of the most visited in the world with sights and attractions which include the historic Buddhist temples at Wat Pho and Wat Phra Kaew, the great shopping options around Pathum Wan, excellent cafes and restaurants across the city, bustling nightlife, and vibrant festivals.

Chiang Mai

The stunning northern city of Chiang Mai provides a more laid back and relaxed atmosphere, in contrast to the hubbub of Bangkok. The city is famous for its distinctly Thai architecture and fantastic food, and a stroll through the metropolis will give you an insight into its unique culture and history.

However, contact with the locals themselves and their unique culture may be limited for many travelers visiting these world-famous cities on standard package holidays. Time is at a premium and much of the journey may be spent in run of the mill tourist venues. This restricts opportunities to see the real country, and, of course, to interact with the famously friendly Thai people. But there is a cost-effective and rewarding alternative. You can experience this amazing land and get to know the culture and people through a volunteer program. Opportunities exist for such an experience in both Bangkok and Chiang Mai, working on local projects which provide genuine benefits to the community.

Here’s why this could be such a good option for you;


Fees make the trip cost effective

Volunteering as part of an organised project is not expensive. What’s more, volunteers can spread the cost of placement between the two cities. For example, doing a four-week program in the Bangkok teaching project is the same price as teaching in Chiang Mai for two weeks followed by the two weeks at the Bangkok teaching project.

See the “real” Thailand

This is your chance to get away from the usual tourist destinations and meet the people. Time taken to volunteer on projects in the two cities, one in the bustling capital, the other in the mountainous north, will give a more well-rounded perspective and understanding of both the people and their culture and history. Cheap transportation between the two cities

Transportation between the two cities is both affordable and safe. The cheap airfares make volunteering in different projects easy and accessible.

A variety of projects on offer

There are various internships to offer, particularly if you elect to travel between the two cities. For example, healthcare and teaching positions are available in Bangkok — which will give you an excellent chance to meet and work with local people while learning more about the culture — while Chiang Mai provides more opportunities for outdoor activities, such as the unique Elephant Camp project.

Being part of a volunteer project is not only rewarding and satisfying, it also allows you to see a very different side to the country. This is precious access that may not be available on whistle-stop package tours. Working with local people also gives a deeper understanding of the culture, religion and heritage of the region, as well as the differing traditions of Bangkok and Chiang Mai. You will leave the program with a better understanding of the various regional differences in Thailand. Just as importantly, you may make long-lasting friendships during the course of the internship.

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