Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Bangkok Volunteer Group #17

Presenting our Friends for Asia, Bangkok, Thailand Volunteer Group #17. This group is of eight volunteers from Australia, Spain, UK, Austria and the USA. Carl (also known as “Noot” – spelling?) also participated in our projects in Chiang Mai, after his first day in Bangkok before… Long story. This group arrived last Friday, and began their projects on Monday, after orientation on Saturday and Sunday. The drama of one of Bangkok’s darker weeks in its history has hopefully not overshadowed their amazing work, projects and experiences. Thank you guys for your time, effort, flexibility and participation in our projects!

Bangkok Thailand Volunteer Group #17

Bangkok Thailand Volunteer Group 17

1.Sarah Horton from Melbourne, Australia – Bangkok Teaching Monks and Women’s Empowerment.

2.Isabel Berga Romero from Palma De Mallorca,Balear Islands, Spain – Bangkok Teaching Monks Volunteer.

3.Isobel Smith from O’Malley, Australian Capital Territory, Australia – Bangkok Women’s Empowerment Volunteer.

4.Arturo Garcia Pérez from Navahermosa, Toledo,Spain – Bangkok Teaching Monks Volunteer.

5.Shelby Homan from Friezeland,Oldham, UK – Bangkok Kindergarten Volunteer.

6.Johanna Nősslbőck from Donau, Austria – Bangkok Women’s Empowerment Volunteer.

7.Alberto Diaz De La Vega from Madrid, Villaviciosa De Odón,Spain – Bangkok Teaching Monks Volunteer.

8.Carl Hoffman (not pictured) from Sanford, Michigan USA – Bangkok Refugee Volunteer.