Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Bangkok Volunteer Group 12

Here, we are introducing our Bangkok Volunteer and Intern Group, # 12! The group arrived, went through orientation and started their projects a little over a week ago. Everyone seems to be having a good experience. It’s one of our largest groups yet, and we are pleased to see that our Bangkok projects are now increasing in popularity and numbers.

Bangkok Volunteer Group 12 Picture

Bottom Row:

Lily Stroud – Edinborugh, Scotland – Bangkok Kindergarten Volunteer
Stephanie Dunn – New York, USA – Women’s Empowerment
Lauren Banner – Sheffield, UK – Teaching English
Caitlin Ward – West Virginia, USA – Women’s Empowerment
Natalie Mannings – Manchester, UK – Kindergarten Volunteer
Faisal Almuntairi – Dublin, Ireland – Bangkok Medical Internship

Upper Row:

Kelly Harrington – Victoria, Australia – Bangkok Orphanage
Amy Murgatroyd – Manchester, UK – Kindergarten Volunteer
Hannah Forrest – Edinborugh, Scotland – Bangkok Kindergarten Volunteer
Marina Montiet – London, UK – Teaching English
April Parentau – California, USA – Kindergarten Volunteer

Good Luck with your Projects!