Volunteer in Thailand with Friends for Asia

Bangkok Volunteer Group 10

Our Bangkok Volunteer Group # 10 has arrived and is now deeply involved in their projects. We have volunteers and interns from six different nationalities represented in this group of nine volunteers and interns. They finished orientation a few days ago, and are now off at their project sites. Here is their Group Photo:

Bangkok Volunteer Group 10

In this Group are the following Volunteers and Interns:

Daniel Spiers, North Carolina, USA – Bangkok Medical Intern
Cameron Beckham, Texas, USA – Women’s Empowerment
Lidya Teshome, Georgia, USA – Bangkok Medical Intern
Christine Smith, Colorado, USA – Bangkok Medical Intern
James Ryland, Liverpool, UK – Kindergarten Project
Carolin Baer, Romanshorn, Switzerland – Orphanage Volunteer
Mariah Okeroa, Sydney, Australia – Women’s Empowerment Volunteer
Alicia Moya, Santiago, Chile – Women’s Empowerment Volunteer
Hana Dib, Zgharta, Lebanon – Women’s Empowerment Volunteer

Christine Smith volunteered first with us in Chiang Mai in our Elephant Camp Project. So, it’s great to have her back. After her couple of weeks in Bangkok, she will then be returning to Chiang Mai for an additional two weeks in our Chiang Mai Medical Internship.

Although it’s hot and sticky in Chiang Mai, Bangkok has been receiving a lot of rain, and has really cooled down. We hope all of our volunteers and interns have a good experience in Bangkok.